The Lash Lounge
Tell Me About Yourself.
My Name is Alana Miley I am the owner at The Lash Lounge Rathfarnham which is a specialist lash and brow salon where we pride ourselves using the best brands and products in the business.

The Lash Lounge, Alana

How did you get into beauty? / What or when was your big break in HD Brows? What do you love about your job?
I’ve always wanted to be in the beauty industry and so when I left school I decided to train with Browyn Conroy Beauty School. I gained my diploma and straight away entered into the world of beauty. I began working in a spa environment, but fast found my calling having trained in lash extensions and HD Brows in 2011. I knew this was the path I wanted to take solely specialising in my favourite treatments that way I would never have to work doing something I didn’t like so it was a pleasure. After months practice and pushing myself through the levels in the HD Brow world I soon became a Master Stylist, which to my absolute delight opened many doors for me, not only was I given the opportunity to join the multi award winning academy, The Beauty School, and become a trainer for High Definition Brows, I became a HD family member and made friends for life. The staff are without the best and most supportive group of women I have ever met. Without The Beauty Schools Founder, Elizabeth, Brow Queen Nilam Holmes and all The Beauty School girls I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What are the highlights of the past year for you?
Having HD Brows as one of my major brands in the salon has benefited me hugely. The salon is thriving, and we have gone on to win not one, but two awards with the Irish Hair and Beauty Awards winning Regional and Overall Winner for ‘Best Salon 2016’ and ‘Beauty Team of the Year 2017’, with huge support from The Beauty School at the events.

The Lash Lounge Salon

In your opinion, what are traits that can help you be successful in your industry?
To anyone starting out in the industry, I have a few words of advice – Always be your best self. Don’t try to compare yourself to others.  You are you, so always compete with only yourself. Work hard, it will pay off and always upskill. You can never learn too much. Be kind to others in the industry, support each other instead of competing with one another.

What are some tips you can give for those who are trying to break into HD Brows?
Anyone thinking of training in HD Brows, don’t think about it GO FOR IT! It will massively benefit you in many ways. You don’t need to be from a beauty background, since you may choose to use this skill as a profit booster outside your 9-5 job or you may want to break into the beauty industry. Either way, train, practice and book your next level sooner rather than later so you don’t fall into bad habits. The Beauty School staff are always at hand to offer advice and support

What makes your work different from that of others?
My staff, Tara and Orla, are both trained to Master Level and what’s makes their work different is there attitude to work. They have a drive to improve their skills and challenge themselves with each and every set of brows they face. At The Lash Lounge, we listen to what our clients want and manage their expectations with a friendly approach and warm atmosphere, which in turn, shines through our loyal clientele base. HD Brows has immensely improved my business and I would not be where I am today without the brand.

Dee Devlin, Lash Lounge Customer