What did you do before HD Brows?

I always had an arty background, anything creative or hands on made me tick. I loved make up from I was no age, I trained to become a make-up artist but at the time I was very ill and doing my own make up was the only thing that made me feel a bit better from the outside in. This made me want to do a job that made women feel good about themselves. Women deserve to take the time to look after themselves, even if it just means nipping out for a quick Brow appointment and a chit chat with your Brow stylist. I trained in HD Brows to add to my services, after all eyebrows and Make-Up go hand in hand. I wanted to offer the HD brows treatment to all my make up clients.

What impact has HD Brows had on your life?

HD Brows has reformed my life it’s helped me cope a lot better with anxiety & depression. I am meeting new people & building client friendships whilst do something I truly enjoy. Training in HD brows has boosted my confidence, my reputation and my income!

What does an average day look like for you now?

Positive! I absolutely love what I do I am thrilled that my business is blooming and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me…

Why did you decide to train to be a Master Stylist?

I felt ready for the next step. I always like keep fresh and up to date the latest trends. I am always aiming to give my clients the best quality service. I want to always make them to feel superior. I think its good to let your clients see that your keen to keep learning too! After doing my Master training I can now offer my clients the express HD Brow, brow lightening treatment and facial waxing. Its great that my clients can get their HD Brows and facial waxing/threading here without having to go elsewhere.

Has anything changed since training to master level?

I am now recognised as a Master Stylist on the Salon Finder and I have many new clients. My new and existing clients know they are in safe hands and have their full trust in me because they know I'm educated to the highest level of HD Brow training.

You need good trust in your brow lady, don't you?

What has been your proudest moment since training as Master HD Brows Stylist?

I am proud of myself for taking the steps to invest in a job that I am truly passionate about. I am proud when I hear clients say “OMG, I love them!”  I am proud to be apart of the UKS No.1 Brow Brand and most of all I am proud of having loyal regular clients. I feel grateful, fulfilled and proud of myself.

What Advice would you give to Stylists thinking of training to Pro and Master?

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Always reach your full potential, keep growing and learning! Remember,

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Sarah-Jane Johnston HD Brow Master Stylist