Who am I?

Sarah, Admin at The Beauty School.

What does your average working day consist of?

The beauty of working in The Beauty School is that no two days are the same and it is a running joke in the office that I don’t have one specific job title, however, there is a general structure to my day that works around answering the phones. When I get to work in the morning the first thing I do is usually reply to emails, get back to Facebook and Instagram messages and follow up on any enquiries that have been made. After that I will begin preparing for the next weeks training and get all the paperwork that is involved organised. I will then go through the last weeks paperwork and issue our newly trained students their certificates and get them sent out. Once I get all my paperwork done for the day I will usually assist the Marketing department with keeping social media and the website as well as creating accounts for the Online Pro Store.

What has been your proudest moment since working at TBS/HD?

I would have to say the proudest moment I have had since working at The Beauty School is probably when we won ‘Training Academy of the Year’ at the Irish Beauty Industry Awards 2017 because it was so great to have the whole team down in Dublin to celebrate with.

What is your go to product from the Make Up by HD Brows range?

My favourite product from the Make Up range would have to be the Glow Stick in Champagne because it blends seamlessly into your foundation and gives such a natural glow to the skin. When it comes to brow products my favourite combo would have to be the pro pencil, the browtec in vamp and the brow highlighter, this is great for me because it gives a perfect finish that I can achieve myself every day.

How do you wear your brows?

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I am constantly changing how I wear my brows. It really depends on the day, my mood, and even the time of the year! No matter what I will keep my brows quite full and use the pro pencil to fill in any gaps. In the winter I tend to go for a more defined finish whilst in the warmer months I don’t tend to use as much product in my brows and will follow the more natural, ‘brushed up’ trend.