Lately, everybody is asking for fuller thicker brows. Luckily for us Stylists, skinny brows are a thing of the past. However, it can still be a little daunting when a client sits in your chair with hardly any brows and says ‘I want them to look thicker’.

Manage expectations

Firstly, always manage their expectations. Let them know this isn’t something that can be achieved in just one treatment. With a strict regrowth program, we should have them looking slightly fuller and thicker in just a few appointments.

I’m sure lots of you will agree that some people won’t wait and want an instant result. There’s no need to turn them away, as you can help them ‘fake it ’til they make it’. Give them your expert tips and tricks to fake a fuller brow until we get some regrowth to work with.

The Pencil of Dreams

Just because they’re faking it, doesn’t mean they can’t still have a natural looking brow. The Pro Pencil gives the illusion of a make up free brow while allowing you to create the brows they have always wished for

I’m sure most of you are more than familiar with this genius pencil, but now is the perfect time to introduce it to your clients. With the trend for full yet natural looking brows growing, it’s the perfect product to create this look. In fact, it’s our best-selling consumer product!

Have a mini lesson on sharpening and using the pencil so they can achieve a similar look at home. Don’t forget to let them know about the new Pro Pencil Bundle offer.

Power Brow Pomade

Brow pomades or cremes have taken the brow world by storm. Our Brow Creme is perfect for a wide range of your clients. Blend through for a power brow finish, or use with a Fine Angled Brow Brush to create crisp hair strokes for a softer finish.

This is the perfect product to retail over the upcoming summer months. The budge-proof, water resistant formula makes sure brows stay in place all day long.

Try a brushed up brow

Not only is the brushed up brow one of this year’s hottest trends, it can almost double the size of your clients’ brows. Unless they have attacked them recently with the scissors, that is.

Use Brow Beater or Brow Colourfix to brush and set the brows upright giving the look of a fuller stylish brow. Want to master the art of the #BrushedUpBrow? You can join our Elite Trainer, Jamie Long, at one of our Brow Trend Workshops.

The magic of tint

This one goes without saying. Your clients probably leave the salon after a HD Brows Treatment thinking “how did they make my brows fuller?”

As you know, our twist on traditional techniques allows us to incorporate the fine fluffy hairs in to the brow shape instantly making the brows look thicker. Be sure to tint a little wider than the brow to incorporate as much of this fine hair as possible. You’ll be surprised at the results that can be achieved.

Regular HD Brows appointments will have them on track to the brows they have always wanted. With our ever growing make up range, there’s sure to be a brow product suited to them to use in-between your appointments and get a fuller look.