It may seem so simple, but choosing the right brow pencil for your client can make a big difference. Not only will it boost your retail sales but your clients can keep perfect arches between appointments. They’ll trust you, your advice and your work, helping to maintain client loyalty and get word of mouth recommendations.

If retailing isn’t your thing, using the finishing stage to educate your clients on products is the most natural way to give it a go. After all, you are the brow expert.

Choosing the product

When it comes to brow pencils, our range has one to suit everybody. The Browtec is perfect for any clients with oily skin thanks to its oil free formula. Meanwhile, the Brow Define is brilliant for sparse brows or clients with larger regrowth areas. All this, plus it’s got a handy sharpener in the lid.

Then there’s the pencil of dreams – the Pro Pencil. Available in one shade, it can be used on any client to mimic ultrafine hair strokes through the brow. It creates a natural, realistic finish.

Choosing the shade

Lead Brow Stylist, Jamie Long, has a top tip for selecting the perfect shade:

“I always take all three of our statement colours, Bombshell, Foxy & Vamp, and apply a small amount to the client’s forehead. This gives me a good idea of how the colours look against the client’s skin tone. I find this easier and faster than applying them in the brow.”

However, it’s not just about matching the pencil to the client’s brow colour. If someone prefers a more natural look or is quite heavy handed when it comes to applying make up, it might be a good idea to recommend a shade lighter to avoid over working the brow. A key piece of advice to pass on is “less is more”. All of our pencils are buildable so its easy to build the colour up without the brow going too heavy with product.

The consumer favourite

With the world of cosmetics ever expanding, your clients are on the lookout for something different. That’s why the Pro Pencil is consistently our best selling consumer product.

Retailing the Pro Pencil to clients can be scary. You worry if they will walk around with big black brows in between appointments! However, we’ve put in lots of work on social media and with influencers to educate clients on how to use it correctly.

Also, if there’s anywhere they should be buying it from, it’s you! With your expert guidance on how to sharpen and use the pencil they’ll get used to it in no time.

“I always get my clients to bring their Pro Pencil to their appointments with them. I sharpen it for them so when they’re away from salon it’s easier for them to sharpen,” says Jamie.

Our new Pro Pencil & Shaper Bundle makes it easier than ever to boost your retail sales. You can save 10% when buying the two together, a discount that you can pass onto your clients. Time for another top tip from Jamie:

“This is a great retail opportunity for you all in salons. I recently started doing a little Pro Pencil challenge where I finish one brow and get the client to do the other side. That way I can give them tips and tricks when using it and see how they get on.”

Try find the perfect brow product match for each of your clients and see how it can boost your retail sales. If you have any tricks for helping your clients meet their brow match (and retailing advice), be sure to share it on the collective with your fellow Stylists!