Bella and me opened its 2 years ago and has gone from strength to strength investing in all of the top brands and bringing top quality services to their clients.

Cofounders Emily and Mary have over 17 years experience in the beauty industry both at home and internationally. “We knew investing in the best brands that have excellent training, products and support was one of the foundations for having a successful business”

We trained in HD brows Last July and the training and products are 2nd to none! We have not looked back Since( nor have our clients brows). HD brows is such a reputable brand so it instantly gave our clients faith in our work.

What makes us different?

We try get our clients to stick to the Same therapist where possible, keep records and take before and after to monitor and progress our clients brows into the brow they have always wanted..

To be successful our top 3 traits are-

Being an expert in our field- we adore education and growing as therapists. Clients expect so solid advice and professionalism, it is up to us to keep up to date.
Excellent customer service- from start to finish we try and give our clients an amazing experience where they feel pampered, safe and important..
Consistency- staying true to your original ethos! In our opinion – its easy to initially attract clients to any new business- the hard part is keeping them! we constantly review our standards in all aspects of the business to make sure our clients are getting the best of service.

We would 100% recommend HD training. The Beauty school are amazing distributors! Their training, customer service, and ongoing support are excellent. It will change your business for the better!

For anyone starting out our advice is to listen to the experts, get practicing and document your work…

Lots of love

Emily and Mary

Bella & me

Bella and me Bella and Me Beauty studio Before and after - Bella and Me

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